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The N.B.A. ? A League of Corruption Just a Phone Call Away

May 23, 2008 01:55 AM  | Bookie Mom

Wow, there’s lots of chatter out there, about the N.B.A being “a league in cahoots”. Think back to the first Draft Lottery, where the biggest college attraction, Patrick Ewing, ended up in the biggest market hungry for attractions, New York City! What are the odds of THAT happening? Oh, ‘bout the same as this year’s odds of a rumored long-ago dynasty (Rome? Pompeii? No, Chicago!) winning this year’s number one pick – Oh……. It DID happen? Well, there you go. Guess that’s why I don’t take action on N.B.A. sanctioned (sponsored?) “lotteries”. 
Any-hoo, the list of potential “influence peddlers” is limitless. You’ve got former N.B.A. referee Tim Donaghy and his claim games’ outcomes were determined by relationships among refs, players and coaches (you mean it DOESN’T have anything to do with the mind-vexing triangle offense or Chris Paul’s X-ray vision that allows him to spot and attack seams in the defense that the normal human can’t see?!?) You also have the $400,000 dollar man, Sir Charles Barkley. Is it THAT far out of the realm of possibility that he sneaks a text here and there to ‘Melo or Lebron, offering a straight-up swap – clank some jumpers, they get in his Fave Five. And you can’t NOT include Commissioner David Stern, the Hobbit with the habit of sticking his nose, fingers, toes, and everything else into the mix, dictating so much of what happens inside and outside of the game, he might as well be playing N.B.A. Sims!
But in my humble, homey opinion, everyone is missing the true culprit in this sneakily scripted N.B.A. playoff outcome – Ringtone Companies. Yep, those dastardly dealers of your Home Team’s ringtone know exactly who will pony up $9.99 a month for that special cell phone sound that identifies you as THE BIGGEST FAN IN THE WORLD OF (your team’s name here)!   Seriously, next time you’re bouncing around the message boards, loving or loathing your team’s coach, character or colors, scroll down… look who advertises all over the bottom, there… Ringtone Companies. 
They have a vested interest in whichever fans fork over the dough for the most ringtones. Why do you think New Orleans went to 7 games? Those folks NEED something to root for. And what better way for them to show the world they’re past Katrina, and the bungled (corrupt?) recovery, than showing their fandom for all things Hornets – including Ringtones. And why do you think Dwayne Wade does all those T-Mobile commercials, ‘cause he really likes Charles? Heck, no! They paved the way for D. Wade to win a title, be named Finals M.V.P. and make enough money to buy his mom a church! Hallelujah!
Yep, it seems success in the N.B.A. doesn’t have as much to do with the Bling-Bling… it has more to do with the Ring-Ring. 

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Dec 1, 2010 12:25 PM
Brooklyn, Texas
I just finished raking the leaves in my new Texas backyard and I can't get this vision out of my head. Nope, not about North Korea and Iran leaders exchanging atomic secrets over tea or the possibility of Hilary resigning over Wikileaks. It's that damn  Stephon Curry. He keeps taking out his mouthpiece and then stuffing it back in. Is it me or is this the most disgusting habit ever to arrive on the sports scene? A drop of blood they stop the game but drooling over the ball is somehow okay? Where is the medical community on this?  It took David Stern years before he stopped the whining about calls, but he lets this go? Come David, ban the mouthpiece. You can count on me to back you. Besides these guys make enough money to get all new teeth when they retire so what's the big deal. 
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